Test Monitoring Center  
  • Standing Committee under the ASTM Test Monitoring Executive Committee (EC) • Membership consists of current TMC monitored test Surveillance Panel Chairs and representatives of test developers/sponsors of tests approved by the EC     • Meet annually at a minimum and report to the EC semiannually • The Chairman of the EC shall appoint a Chair of the Technical Guidance Committee from the membership of this committee. (Cannot be the TMC Director). • Assist the TMC Director, Surveillance Panels, test developers/sponsors and individual testing laboratories to  Improve and standardize the operating procedures  Improve rating methods  Steward a range of tasks that improve the repeatability and reproducibility of monitored test procedures which relate to more than one test procedure • The current chaiman is Pat Lang. Pat can be reached at 210.522.2820. Unavailable or Out of Control Test Documents
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Technical Guidance Committee - TGC Test Hardware Control Best Practices Meeting Minutes