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 TestAreaNameActiveSubCommitteeD Number
SelectAllQuality Index DocumentsyMisc - Miscellaneous DocsN/A
SelectB03B03yB03 - GearsN/A
SelectB03Gear ASTM UpdatesyB03 - GearsN/A
SelectB07B07 MeetingyB07 - Bench 
SelectB10B10yB10 - Standards AccelerationN/A
SelectBRTBall Rust TestyB07 - BenchD6557
SelectCAT1MPC, 1K/1N, 1P, 1R, C13, COATyB02 - Heavy DutyN/A
SelectCBTCorrosion Bench testyB07 - BenchD5968
SelectCumminsM11, M11EGR, ISB, ISMyB02 - Heavy DutyN/A
SelectD5800Evaporation Loss by NOACKyB07 - BenchD5800
SelectD6082High Temperature FoamingyB07 - BenchD6082
SelectD6417VolatilityyB07 - BenchD6417
SelectD874Sulfated AshyB07 - BenchD874
SelectDCCData Communications CommitteeyDCCN/A
SelectDD13DD13yB02 - Heavy DutyN/A
SelectEmissions_Task_ForceEmissions_Task_ForceyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectEOATEngine Oil Aeration TestyB02 - Heavy DutyD6894
SelectEOECEOECyB07 - BenchD7216
SelectEOFTEOFTyB07 - BenchD6795
SelectEOWTEOWTyB07 - BenchD6794
SelectExecCommExecutive CommitteeyExexcutive CommitteeN/A
SelectFVTWFord Valve Train WearyB02 - Heavy Duty 
SelectGF-6GF-6yB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectGIGelation IndexyB07 - BenchD5133
SelectHDEOCPHeavy Duty Engine Oil Classification PanelyB02 - Heavy DutyN/A
SelectHTCBTHigh Temperature Corrosion Bench TestyB07 - BenchD6594
SelectHTCTHTCTyB03 - GearsD5579
SelectJDCCTJohn Deere Coolant Cavitation TestyN07 - CoolantD7583
SelectL-33-1L-33-1yB03 - GearsD7038
SelectL-37L-37yB03 - GearsD6121
SelectL-37-1L-37-1 yB03 - GearsD8165
SelectL-37-1L-37-1yB03 - GearsD8165
SelectL-42L-42yB03 - GearsD7452
SelectL-42-1L-42-1yB03 - Gearstbd
SelectL-60-1L-60-1yB03 - GearsD5704
SelectL33-2L-33-2yB03 - GearsN/A
SelectLDEOCLDEOCyB07 - BenchD7216
SelectLRILRIyB03 - GearsN/A
SelectMACKT6, T7, T8, T9,T10, T11, T12, T13yB02 - Heavy DutyN/A
SelectMTEOSMTEOSyB07 - BenchD7097
SelectOSCTOSCTyB03 - GearsD5662
SelectPC-11PC-11yB02 - Heavy Duty 
SelectPC-11OxidationPC-11 Oxidation Task ForceyB02 - Heavy DutyN/A
SelectPC-11ShearStabilityPC-11ShearStabilityyB02 - Heavy Dutyn/a
SelectPM2PM2yB03 - GearsN/A
SelectRFWTRoller Follower Wear TestyB02 - Heavy DutyD5966
SelectROBOBench Oxidation of Engine OilsyB07 - BenchD7528
SelectSequence IIISequence IIIF, IIIG, IIIHyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectSequence IVSequence IVA, IVByB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectSequence IXSequence IXyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectSequence VSequence VE,VG and VHyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectSequence VISequence VI, VIA, VIB, VID and VIEyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectSequence VIIISequence VIIIyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectSequence XSequence XyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectSSCTSSCTyB03 - GearsD7603
SelectTCTwo-CycleyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectTEOSTTEOSTyB07 - BenchD6335
SelectTGCTechnical Guidance CommitteeyTGCN/A
SelectUsed Oil AgingUsed Oil AgingyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectVHSequence VHyB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectVIESequence VIEyB01 - Light DutyN/A
Select6V926V92nB02 - Heavy DutyD5862
SelectIVDIntake Valve DepositnB01 - Light DutyN/A
SelectL-33L-33nB03 - GearsN/A
SelectL10L10nB02 - Heavy DutyN/A
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